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Lisa Mitchell


Yoga has played a transformative role in Lisa’s life, as it has helped her quiet her mind of the habitual and often negative thoughts that had existed through various stages of her growth. Yoga allows her the awareness to deliberately choose thoughts that are empowering and make her feel a sense of peace and connection with everyone and everything around her.Lisa continues to be a student of Yoga, and considers her 500 Hour training with Srii Dharma Mittra to be most influential.  She has also completed 100 hours with Baron Baptiste, and 200 hours with Lisa Taylor and Sarah Gingrich. Additional trainings and immersions with Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, Gina Caputo, Bryan Kest, Kino Macgregor and Phillip Askew have also been highly influential to her teaching and practice. Lisa’s classes are challenging enough for experienced practitioners, yet simple enough and totally approachable for newer yogis. She uses positive affirmations to create a meditative flow, while still focusing on proper body alignment. She invites you to share her passion for personal growth, physical movement and deep connection with our true selves by practicing with her. Aside from being the co-founder of Dana Hot Yoga, she has completed Doctoral studies in Special Education, and has researched and developed an integrative yoga based program entitled Body Centered Therapy, which is designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lisa is also an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Education Department at St. Joseph’s University. She is the proud mother of two daughters, a dog Buddha, and two cats, Dalli and Samadhi.

Dorian Mitchell
DSC_7965 While yoga calls to us for many reasons, Dorian started his yoga practice while in the courtship of dating his now wife. He completed the Dana Hot Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2011, and has continued his studies in the Rocket Yoga method with Amber Jean yoga baby of the late Larry Schultz.  He looks forward to sharing acceptance, fostering an environment that promotes the idea of function over form, and most importantly, FUN!  Off the mat, Dorian has been a business owner in the Philadelphia area for nearly a decade.  As a Philadelphia native and graduate of St. Joseph’s University there is a soft spot in his heart for the western side of the city.  Consequently, when it was time to decide on a place to launch Dana Hot Yoga with his wife and business partner he chose Bala Cynwyd, PA.  This venture allowed him to find complete fulfillment by harmoniously blending his veracious entrepreneurial appetite with his calling to work in the health and wellness industry.  For the past 7 years Dorian has served as the Director of operations at Dana Hot Yoga. Under his leadership the company has maintained consistent annual growth in memberships, revenues and market penetration.
Jenn Nonnemacher
Jen found yoga in 2010 while training for her first marathon and began practicing regularly as a means to strengthen her body and mind. She instantly loved the challenge of power yoga to allow her mind to stay focused in the present moment and feels it is a wonderful compliment to running. She truly believes yoga is for everyone and the goal should be to encourage us to be a little better than we were before by practicing patience and making an effort, both on and off the mat. Jen completed her 200 hour Hot Vinyasa Training at Dana Hot Yoga and is grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn, practice, and teach in an amazing community. She enjoys a challenging, sweaty, vinyasa/ power class, with an emphasis on variety, fun, and mindfulness.
Ali Calvaruso
Ali began practicing yoga in college and found it to be a great way to destress. After noticing drastic changes both mentally and physically, she began to develop a routine practice. Yoga eventually became a vital part of her well-being, and she continually strives to live the teachings of yoga off the mat, as well. She recently completed her 200 hour training at Dana Hot Yoga. Her classes are challenging and fun, and can accommodate all levels of practictioners. Ali is also our Kids Yoga Coordinator, and his certified through Child Light Kids Yoga.
Katherine Oaks
Katherine fell in love with the practice and philosophy of yoga in 2010 when she first tried a hot vinyasa flow. Since then she has immersed herself in a variety of styles and upon realizing how yoga was impacting her life, she chose to pass on what she was learning to others. She enrolled in a 200 hour teacher training program at Dana Hot Yoga in 2012. Under the leadership of Lisa Mitchell and Rachel Hoppenstein, Katherine deepened her personal asana practice, but also found a profound transformation in her daily life of experiences and interactions off of her mat. Katherine finds fulfillment in sharing with others the incredible power of yoga not just as a way to reach the body’s physical potential, but also as a lifestyle of compassion, acceptance and unity.
Rachel Hoppenstein
Rachel H. began her practice in college, convinced by a friend to try out a class. The energy, sweat, and power kept her coming back and eventually to teaching. In 2008, Rachel earned her 200- hour certification in a month long intensive training at the Kripalu Center in Western Massachusetts. Melding her vinyasa practice with the inquisitive, Inner focus of her kripalu training, her classes are fun and challenging.Rachel insist that yoga not only strengthened her body but stretched her spine- causing her to grow half an inch!  She is also an artist and her paintings are present in the studio!

Bevin Lustman
100000009_largeBevin found her love for yoga back in 2009. After finishing her career as a collegiate athlete, Hot/Power vinyasa yoga was the only activity she believed kept her strength level challenged while continuing to grow the connection between her mind and body. A graduate of Dana Hot Yoga’s teacher training program, she has established a deep passion for teaching Hot vinyasa yoga. She hopes students in her class find the class to be not only a great physical workout but also a time to develop a peace of mind.

Kate Boyd
Kate is a recent graduate of Dana Hot Yoga’s Teacher Training program and is very excited to be teaching at Dana’s new Glenside location. Kate has always had an interest in moving and healing the human body through exercise and positive lifestyle choices. She took her first yoga class in college, and over the past ten years has enjoyed a mixture of power, gentle Hatha and Astanga style yoga classes. She works as a physical therapist and has a particular interest in human anatomy and kinesiology. She also has studied Buddhist meditation and dabbles in Fung Shui for fun. With Kate’s classes, you can expect a challenging, yet energizing flow with a focus on strength and increasing range of motion.
Noelle Gesualdo
Noelle Gesualdo
Noelle is a registered nurse and an advocate for mental health awareness and preventative holistic health practices. Formally trained in dance from the age of three, Noelle dabbled in yoga classes throughout her teen and college years to improve her flexibility and balance. After enduring a tragic suicide in her family and a ballet injury that left her unable to continue dancing, Noelle lost much of herself and her passion. While vacationing in Aruba in early 2011, Noelle was re-introduced to what she had lost by practicing yoga and learning about yoga’s positive effect on the resort instructor, who was alike in age and had suffered a similar loss. This allowed Noelle to find inspiration to incorporate yoga into her life. By developing a strong mind-body connection through her practice, she has acquired a new perspective on life and has improved her overall health tenfold. Noelle describes her experience with yoga as “profound, invaluable, and life-changing,” and it has inspired her to teach and share her practice with others. Noelle completed her yoga teacher training at Dana Hot Yoga in 2012.  She is very excited and honored to be a part of the DHY family!
Cicelee Chapelle
When Cicelee first began practicing yoga, it was strictly as a means to cross-train her body. Before long it had become her primary form of exercise, as it benefited both body and mind in ways her gym workouts could not. Thus after years of life in NYC, yoga became her path to healing mind and spirit, releasing struggle, and staying centered. As her passion for yoga grew, so did the idea that she should share it with as many people as she could. To that end she completed teacher trainings with Isaac Pena, Jude English, Mary Dana Abbott and Schuyler Grant, emerging from them a fully committed yoga teacher. Having now returned to Philadelphia, her hometown, she aims to serve her students with classes that purify the body and still the mind through the healing power of breath coordinated with mindful movement.

Alex Branzinski

Alex BrazinskiMy first yoga experience was senior year of high school and involved one Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga DVD, no mat, and a full stomach. This all but lasted 20 minutes from which I took a motley group of asanas to implement into my warm-up and cool-down routine for track and field. It wasn’t until mid-way through college that I cultivated a keen interest in Eastern philosophy, meditation, and medicine. That is where my true journey with yoga began. After graduating from La Salle University, I decided to pursue acupuncture at Won Institute in Glenside focusing on meridian energetics and sports medicine. I have recently graduated from Dana’s Fall 2013 Teacher Training Program. I made an amazing group of new friends and developed a better understanding of the cohesion of the individual and the metaphysical in yoga. My goal is to create an energetic environment focused on restoring mental equilibrium, enhancing kinesthetic awareness, and broadening functional movement. All are welcome to join me on their mats in journey of self-exploration and spiritual realization.

Julia Paddsion

Julia Paddison

Julia began her yoga practice in 2011 as a supplement to running while training for a half marathon. It didn’t take long before she fell in love with yoga after consistently feeling physically stronger and more at peace in her mind. Yoga has helped increase Julia’s confidence, motivation, and has created a more positive outlook on life. After completing her teacher training through Dana Hot Yoga in 2012, Julia feels more passionate than ever about yoga and is excited to share her passion with others through teaching.

Amanda Beittel
Amanda Beittel
Amanda began practicing yoga in 2007 as a way to manage her stress and anxiety while away at college. She was hooked from her first time on the mat and loved the way that yoga made her feel calm, strong, and empowered. Amanda continued to make yoga a regular part of her life and eventually could no longer ignore her inner voice that told her she was meant to explore yoga further. Upon feeling a sense of discontentment with her full-time corporate job, Amanda decided to follow her true passion and completed Dana Hot Yoga’s teacher training program in 2013. She enjoys creating classes that are both physically challenging and mentally refreshing, and is excited to share her love of yoga through teaching.
Stephanie Morano
Steph has always had a love for health and fitness. She began her yoga practice in 2004 as a way to compliment swimming, running, biking, and weight training. She continued to practice yoga off and on for a couple years and quickly found herself hooked while training for a half Ironman during 2009-2010. Yoga was a way to calm mind, body and spirit while building inner and outer strength by connecting breath with movement. Steph completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in June 2011 at Dhyana Yoga. Steph hopes by sharing fun, energetic classes that she can help others discover the benefits of yoga.
Amanda Beck
Amanda Beck
Amanda began her yoga journey over 10 years ago when she fell in love with the meditative union of breath and flow, the physical strength in the postures and the practice of kindness that yoga provided her. With a commitment and an open heart, Amanda completed her Prana Flow® training with her friend and teacher, Coral Brown. Amanda fuses together dynamic asana with a teaching of compassion and a commitment to allow the breath to move our body.
Amanda received her Masters of Arts from Lesley University in Expressive Arts Counseling and Mental Health Therapy and currently works as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.
Jessica Regetta
Jessica Regetta
“Beginning her yoga practice as just another form of exercise, Jessica first tried yoga during college. Trying different styles of yoga, she did not find her real passion until she began taking hot vinyasa classes. After seeing the transformation physically and mentally from practicing regularly, Jessica decided she had to share this feeling with others. She is a recent graduate from Dana Hot Yoga’s 250 hour teacher training with Lisa Mitchell and Rachael Hoppenstein. Since then yoga has become not only a physical practice, but a spiritual one as well. Jessica loves a challenging, sweaty and fun vinyasa class and loves to explore all the benefits that yoga has to offer. Eager to connect the body and mind, Jessica is very grateful and excited to be teaching at the Glenside location!”